8 Performance Pointers for Summer Six-Pack Abs

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You’d like to think it’s never too late to start, but the truth is that clock is ticking when it comes to getting those washboard abs in time for beach weather. Don’t panic, though: get started with these tips today and you’ll be set for a (mostly) shirtless summer.

The adage that “abs are made in the kitchen” is totally right, but almost as important is making sure you’re using proper form when you’re working toward better definition and strength in your core. These guidelines ensure you’re not wasting your time—or worse, setting yourself up for injury
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8 Performance Pointers for Summer Six-Pack Abs

1. Hold the peak contraction

By consciously squeezing and momentarily holding the peak contraction at the top of each rep, you’ll work your abdominals harder and be less inclined to race through your repetitions.

2. Move at a smooth, deliberate pace

Use a slow, strict motion that increases the intensity of the contraction and minimizes momentum. Momentum is created using fast, explosive motions, which reduce the quality of your workout and invite injury.

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  1. These are points to be pinned down. A great help for your workout. Thanks for sharing.