Maintain Weight Losing - how to maintain weight after losing it ?

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How to maintain weight after losing it ? Given that you've gotten back into condition, it's time and energy to maintain putting on weight and maintain your brand-new body.
It's an awesome thing when you are able squeeze into a set of old jeans you wore years back. However, you will probably find yourself slowly gaining back one pound or two if you're not careful. You are able to prevent this from happening. Listed below are suggestions to maintain the body weight you've lost.

how to maintain weight after losing it ?
Step One
Seek advice from your physician regarding an everyday workout routine. Whenever possible, perform resistance exercises 3 times every week to guide lean body mass. 
The mixture of aerobic exercise and resistance exercise increases metabolic process allows you conserve a goal weight

Step Two 
Set a certain weight loss goal, and reach it. The psychological boost of reaching a certain goal is extremely powerful. 
When a person stops losing weight before reaching a goal, they have a tendency to feel defeated. This sense increase the probability of gaining back the body weight.

Step Three
Place before and after personal pictures in locations you will see them often. 
Frequent viewing in the pictures would have been a constant reminder of the benefits of maintaining an ambition weight. Turn it into a habit to watch the photographs when you invest in out of the shower every day and when you retire in the evening.

Have a food diary after losing weight. Keeping records of intake of food after you have reached an objective weight really helps to prevent unconscious overeating. 
The meals diary should include all food and beverage intake, Based on, it is also helpful to make a habit of substituting reduced calorie foods for prime calorie foods.

Step Five
Drink eight glasses of water daily. Drinking bulk water creates a sense of being full, and might prevent overeating. 
Huge amounts of water consumed during the day behaves as a natural diuretic and helps to stop water extra weight.

The Sixth Step
Change diet plan and eating behavior. Eat less quickly by putting down your fork or spoon after each bite. 
Other eating habits to think about eliminating include eating after 8 p.m., eating while standing and skipping breakfast

Keep weight off when you are active and good nutrition. Losing the weight was the difficult part. Gaining it all back is a lot easier.

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