What are Paleo Foods: A Beginner’s Guide

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Understanding the Paleo diet
The paleo or Paleolithic diet has received a lot of media attention lately. The so-called Stone Age diet focuses on meat, fish and vegetables while excluding dairy products, processed oils and refined salt and sugar.
What are Paleo Foods: A Beginner’s Guide
What are Paleo Foods: A Beginner’s Guide

According to the theory, the paleo diet includes foods that humankind has relied on for centuries to survive. Its health benefits include the lack of processed product, energy-rich foods, reduced bloating, increased metabolism, faster weight loss and better cardiovascular health.
So, what are the best paleo foods to start with?

Choosing Paleo Foods is Simple
The paleo diet includes the foods that cavemen used to consume. This means that if a product cannot be hunted or harvested, it cannot be included in the paleo plan.
Pasta, cereals, yogurt, cheese, cookies and other dishes that require preliminary preparation are out of the diet.
Supporters of the diet claim that many modern-day foods are unsuitable for human consumption. We settled for such products out of convenience, which ultimately resulted in an obesity epidemic.

Products to Include in the Paleo Diet

Paleo foods fall into several categories. Grass-fed meat, game, fowl and fish form the basis of the nutritional plan. Chicken, turkey, duck and wild fish are all suitable for individuals on the paleo diet.
Eggs are another food item that you can include in the diet.
Lipids can be provided from lard, butter, coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil and avocados. Avoid seed oils, vegetable oils and margarine.
When it comes to fruits of plant origin, forget about grains and focus on all kinds of fruits, vegetables, nuts, sweet potatoes and yams. Many of these are highly nutritional, which means that small amounts will be sufficient to keep you feeling full and to help you control cravings.
Grains, sugars and processed foods are the items that the paleo diet excludes completely. According to many studies, traditional grains and refined sugars are responsible for various health problems in contemporary society.

Some Foods are Permissible in Moderation

By this point, you may start thinking that the paleo diet is exceptionally limiting and difficult to follow.
There are some products that you can consume in moderation. These include chocolate (at least 70 percent cocoa), dried fruits, coffee, honey, plant-based sweeteners and alcoholic beverages. Cured meat like sausages and bacon is permissible once in a while, as well.

Dairy in the Paleo Diet

Even people that follow the paleo diet strictly are divided about the role of dairy products in proper nutrition.
Some individuals that follow the diet consume dairy products in moderation, though in theory such products should be avoided altogether. When it comes to milk and cheeses, are they acceptable for people trying to start the paleo diet?
Individuals that are lactose-intolerant and the one that are trying to deal with stomach problems like bloating need to stay away from dairy. Otherwise, dairy products can be a part of a healthy diet. Avoid cow’s milk and opt for healthier option like goat milk.
The paleo diet has proven beneficial for many people and if you want to lose weight or overcome a specific health problem, you should exclude certain foods from your menu. There are many paleo foods, which results in a balanced and healthy nutritional plan.

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