The Simplest Way to Build More Muscle

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Best way to build muscle, like everything in the world, varies from person to person. Genetics plays a huge part in body building so what works for one person may not work for another. Check out the rest of this article to find out the best way to build muscle.

The Simplest Way to Build More Muscle
The Simplest Way to Build More Muscle
Tip 1
Understand that your muscles are actually only growing when you are resting. Many people, especially those starting out have a tendency to think they have to be in the gym 24/7 to see good results. This is basic overtraining, and is a great way to hamper your own progress, and also a good way to ensure that you get niggling injuries that won't ever go away. Take it easy! There's no time limit.
Tip 2
Learn to trick yourself. One of the best ways to build muscle is to be consistent. If you are having one of those days where you can't get motivated, just tell yourself to get into the gym and give it 20 minutes - chances are, once you are there you will get into it and just go on way past the 20 min mark. The trick is in getting yourself there to begin with!
Tip 3
Another best way to build muscle is to make sure you lift to the point of shutdown. Shutdown is exactly what it sounds like - when your muscles just quit and you physically can't lift any more. Try and keep the reps down though, and make sure the shutdown comes from the sheer weight you are lifting, and not from doing 25 reps or something.
Tip 4
Get into some supersets. Using super sets is possibly the best way to build muscle, as it makes your workouts tremendously intense, but it will actually shorten the length of them. Who doesn't want bigger gains in less time? So what is a superset? It's basically where you finish one set, and then rest for drastically shorter before you start the next set. If you are normally waiting 2 or 3 minutes between sets, trying reducing it to 30 seconds. You'll feel the different!
As we said, the best way to build muscle is different for everyone, but hopefully you've an idea of the best way to build muscle for you right now. Click the links below for more great tips.

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