Five Ways to Make Your Breasts Appear Larger and Firmer

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Throughout history, women have tried to make their waists look smaller and their breasts look larger. In the Victorian era, corsets did the job. Today, clothes are a lot less confining, but women still have the same goal. Although 19-inch waists are out of fashion, firm and perky breasts are not. Women spend countless hours and thousands of dollars trying to achieve an “ideal” image that’s defined by the media, and that image includes firm, perky peaks.

If you don’t like your breasts, you’re not alone. The majority of women don’t like their breasts or some aspect of their breasts. Whether yours are too small, too large, droopy or uneven, you can change the way you look without having surgery or spending thousands of dollars.

Perk Up those Puppies

There’s not one magic trick that will make all your breast wishes come true, but there are several techniques that will help you realize your breast potential.

1.    Get a good bra. It’s estimated that more than 80-percent of women wear either the wrong size bra or the wrong style of bra. Without proper support, breasts don’t look their best. To find your perfect bra, you must first get fitted. You may think you know your bra size, but you may be mistaken. Second, purchase styles that flatter your breasts. If you have small breasts, wear padded bras, push-up bras or half-cup bras. If you have large breasts, wear size-minimizing bras such as sports bras, full-cup bras and bras with underwire.

2.    Enhance breasts with the clothes you wear. The clothes you wear play a huge role in your overall shape. Take attention away from a flat chest by wearing tops with bold patterns or gathered, flowing material at the neckline. To tone down large breasts, wear dark, high-collared shirts such as turtlenecks. Avoid showing cleavage and stick to dark, solid colors. For both large and small breasts, wear tops that are gathered at the waist to accentuate or emulate curves.

3.    Exercise and eat right. Although you don’t have muscles in your breasts, you can make them look perkier by firming up your chest muscles. Building the pectoral muscles can also make small breasts look larger. Strive to eat healthy and maintain a healthy weight. Gaining and losing weight can make breasts sag even more. Drink plenty of water and take vitamin C. Vitamin C helps improve the elasticity of connective tissues such as those found in breasts.

4.    Massage and plump your breasts back to firmness. Massaging your breasts daily helps rejuvenate sagging skin and plumps up breasts. Massage for at least 15 minutes and use a lubricant. You can use your facial moisturizer or a breast-firming cream such as Brestrogen.

5.    Stand straight and sit like a lady. Posture – good and bad – affects the way your breasts look. If you have poor posture, and sit or stand hunched over, your breasts will appear saggy. If, on the other hand, you practice good posture, your breasts will appear perkier. So, pay attention to how you sit and stand. A small tweak in your posture will make a huge difference.

Everyone wants perky breasts, but many women don’t know how to get them. While surgery can help, most women don’t need such drastic measures. Taking a few small steps and paying attention to wardrobe choices is the answer for most women. You don’t need to go under the knife or spend thousands of dollars to make your breasts look great. You just need to make better choices and adopt a few habits.

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