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Simply put, when you burn more calories than you put into your body, you lose weight. Many weight loss programs claim to offer the best weight loss plan by providing dieters with special meals, weight loss shakes and high-fiber snacks. However, you can create your own weight loss plan without having to spend money on items that may or may not work for you. Just by following healthy habits regarding eating, exercising and getting plenty of sleep, you can alter your metabolic rate and start diminishing those stores of fat that accumulate before we know it around the waist, thighs and stomach.Tips to help lose weight include:
Weight Loss Tips For Beginners- weight loss calculator
Weight Loss Tips For Beginners

Eat egg whites including the yolks for a good source of protein and healthy fats. Begin meals by eating the protein portion first. Snack on almonds,walnuts,cashews or cottage cheese. Don't skip breakfast--include fiber, oats, fruit or a weight loss shake to prevent a mid-morning feeding frenzy. Use spices or salt substitute to flavor food. Eat yogurt instead of ice cream. Chew your food slowly. Eating fast fills you up too quickly, which makes your feel hungry sooner. Don't eat anything too heavy several hours before going to bed. Metabolism slows down during sleep, which means calories burn as a reduced rate. Average rate of calories burned during sleep is around 50 to 60 calories per hour.
Always take the stairs instead of the elevator. Deliberately park farther away from the grocery store or your place of employment. Cut back on TV time--take a walk in the evening and enjoy a beautiful sunset. Jump rope while watching television. While sitting at your desk at work, remain mindful of your posture (sit up straight), contract your stomach muscles and every half hour let yourself have a good stretch. Find a household chore to do everyday--clean out cupboards, mop floors, paint a room.
Exercising not only promotes weight loss but also enhances the immune system, fights osteoporosis and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. As a vital part of the best weight loss plan, physical activity cannot be emphasized enough.
More Weight Loss Tips: Think about purchasing a calorie counter book that contains thousands of food items and their calorie amounts per serving. Most people don't realize that while one slice of bacon has only 30 calories, 70 percent of those calories come from fat. That means if you eat three medium-sliced pieces of bacon, you are putting about 12 grams of fat into your blood, with four grams of that fat being the saturated kind promotes heart disease. Drink several glasses of water each day while on a weight loss program. When you do not drink enough water, the kidneys must work harder to eliminate toxins from the body. This affects processing of fat into fuel by the liver, since the liver must now assist the kidneys in regulating waste expulsion. Because the liver cannot function properly, fat is not metabolized as efficiently, which can produce accumulation of excess fat stores and, unfortunately, weight gain.Write down everything you eat.

Although this may sound somewhat time-consuming, try doing it for one week. You might be surprised, as many other dieters are, at how much or what you eat without realizing it. If you go from eating three square meals a day to five or six smaller meals a day--which is advisable when trying to lose weight--the tendency to snack produces a "I'm not really eating much so this little bit of cake won't hurt" effect that may add several hundred more calories a day to your diet.

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