Paleo Power Lunch: A Comprehensive Book Review

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Paleo Power Lunch: A Comprehensive Book Review
Paleo Power Lunch: A Comprehensive Book Review
Paleo Power LunchEasy, Filling and Delicious Workday Meal Strategies 
is a recipe book by Stormy Sweitzer dedicated to the easy preparation of paleo lunch meals. The book comes with useful information about planning meals, shopping and preparing the food in a quick and efficient manner.

Paleo Power Lunch Basics

The book consists of 117 pages of useful information that is accompanied by photographs for easier understanding of the preparation procedures.
Stormy Sweitzer, the author of the book, discovered the Paleolithic diet in an attempt to deal with various health issues. Sweitzer shares her own experience and knowledge of paleo food preparation.
Some may think that Paleo Power Lunch is simply a recipe book but it delivers a more in-depth approach to paleo food preparation. The person that gets the book will learn how to do proper meal planning and how to shop for products that are suitable for the Stone Age diet.
There are basic rules of meal preparation, allowing the reader to come up with new and unique combinations of ingredients that correspond to personal preferences. As a result, the paleo diet becomes customizable and much easier to follow.


The book is divided into several main sections.
Paleo Power Lunch starts with the paleo power checklist. It moves on to a weekly meal planning checklist, grocery shopping tips and ideas, meal preparation and packing on a daily basis and daily tips for energy level monitoring.
Additionally, the book comes with 26 paleo power lunch combinations with full-cover photographs.
Apart from the Paleo Power Lunch book, you will get access to several free and valuable sources of information. The free gifts include Assembly Required Meals, Breakfast Scrambles, Bowl-in-One Meals, Stock Up on Soup and Cooler Companions.

Benefits of Paleo Power Lunch

A number of people that have tried the book and the recipes have written positive reviews about the content and the knowledge of the author.
“This book has changed the way I think about lunches and powering through my day. I’m not a strict paleo eater, in fact, this is the first “paleo” book I’ve ever felt compelled to buy, probably because its not just a collection of recipes but contains a lot of “how to” and is relatable to even me… a casual paleo eater,” one of the individuals that tried Paleo Power Lunch Wrote.
Apart from receiving the book, you will get a set of eight how-to videos. These will demonstrate some of the most basic and important techniques of paleo food preparation. The videos focus on cutting products, whisking and blending dressings, roasting vegetables, cleaning shrimp and putting together a paleo power lunch.
Paleo Power Lunch costs 27.50 dollars and the book comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. You will get instantly downloadable ebook, a quick reference guide, five bonus books and the how-to video series.
Paleo Power Lunch is an excellent source of information for people that are just getting started with the paleo diet and for people that want to prepare power lunches on a daily basis. It is an excellent source of in-depth information about paleo grocery shopping, food preparation and power lunch cooking techniques.

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