How to Find the Motivation to Exercise After Bariatric Surgery

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How to Find the Motivation to Exercise After Bariatric Surgery
How to Find the Motivation to Exercise
Have you ever heard the saying, "You're brain won't make you a liar?" Your brain aligns your speech and thoughts to help your body produce exactly what you think and speak. This pertains to everything you do in life, even losing and maintaining weight after bariatric surgery. 
In order to take action, work on being psychologically ready so that you can reach your health and fitness goals. If you want to know how to make lifestyle changes that will stick for a lifetime, then start by considering the five questions below.

1. In an ideal world, what would you want to look like? After bariatric surgery, you normally lose a huge amount of weight. To maintain your goal weight means adopting healthier habits. So, if you made the changes and stuck with them, what do you picture when you visualize yourself?
2. How would you feel if you could wear clothes with freedom? When you answer this question, consider how you can tie fitness and healthy eating into the vision. When something meaningful is attached to your goals, it helps to increase motivation. Imagine yourself wearing the kind of clothes that you would like to wear at your ideal weight.
3. Who is the most important person in your life? If anything happened to you what would happen to them? If you didn't adopt healthier eating habits and exercise consistently, how would that affect you in the future? To take care of yourself means being able to take care of your loved ones.
4. What will you be able to do more of when you reach your target weight? Think about how your life will change if you are able to maintain your weight after bariatric surgery. Will you have energy to play with your children? Will you want to travel more? Think about all of those things that you want to do that you feel that you can't do in your present situation.
5. What is the "pain" that is associated with your previous condition? Before you had your weight loss surgery, you were either overweight or obese and was probably limited in some way. It helps to increase motivation if you can remember the pain that you experienced when you were in your pre-surgery state. Again, write these things down and reflect upon them when you are experiencing plateaus or setbacks.
Getting in the right mindset is essential in making positive lifestyle changes and getting over any barriers that prevent you from doing so. In order to make exercise and healthy eating a life long change, it helps to discover things about yourself. These questions can help you to find the motivation to start and adhere to a program, even through the tough times. Life is a journey, and if you plan for what you can control, you will be just fine.

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